Nexon EV Fire: Impacting Dark Edition Booking in Nepal?

Nexon EV Fire: Impacting Dark Edition Booking in Nepal?

Nexon EV Fire: Impacting Dark Edition Booking in Nepal?


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Earlier this week in Mumbai, a Tata Nexon EV burst into flames while on rest, which has EV drivers and enthusiasts questioning the safety of the EV as well as the reason behind a parked car to suddenly erupt into a dangerous mess. Tata Nexon EV has been a top choice of EV both in Nepal and India since last year, where the EV achieved a whopping 14,248 units of sales in fiscal 2022 in India; acquiring the top-most position for SUVs competing against other ICE four-wheelers. Nepal’s sales exceeded around 600 units of Tata’s EV (Nexon and Tigor).

The beginning of 2022, India witnessed several incidents where EVs, specifically e-scooters, randomly burst to flames, causing a stir in the EV industry for the safety and issues in manufacturing of the vehicles. Adding on, just a week ago, the Nexon EV suddenly caught fire leaving many drivers worried and curious for the sudden outburst. This incident is a first for a four-wheeler EV, nonetheless, it has added fuel to the fire for both Tata motors and EV in general. Tata Motors immediately responded to the confusion by releasing a statement confirming an ongoing detailed investigation to ascertain the reason behind the fire. As this is the first occurrence in 4 years of their running EVs, Tata pledges dedication to its users’ safety and their vehicles by complying to the investigation. 

Will the recent events of Tata Nexon EV fire incident have any impact on the bookings of the its latest release, the Tata Nexon EV Dark edition in Nepal? In about a week, the Nexon EV Dark edition will be entering the Nepalese market. After confirming the availability of the Nexon EV’s dark edition from official distributors, Sipradi Trading, it has been revealed that all 14-17 upcoming lot has been booked for purchase.


Nexon EV’s Dark edition has the same 30.2 kWh battery and peak power 95 kWh motor as the previous model. According to ARAI, it runs 312 km on a full charge however, observing the Nexon EV, which is currently running in Nepal, it will give an average range of 220 to 260 km depending on the condition of the road. The Nexon Dark Edition remains the same even in features including power, battery, range, motor. However, all of its interior has been redesigned to fit its dark theme which includes 16-inch premium black alloy wheels which is Satin Black Humanity Line, black leather seats, and satin black seat belts. It also features its signature LED taillamp, floating roof, piano black ORVM, a roof rail, shark fin antenna, and body color door handle.

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