CG Motors Plans Service Center and 24 Charging Stations

CG Motors Plans Service Center and 24 Charging Stations

CG Motors Plans Service Center and 24 Charging Stations


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CG motors is progressing non-stop despite the recent scandal with NETA V EV. To back it up, the conglomerate EV subsidiary plans to establish a service center for NETA Electric in a few weeks from now. As the official distributor of NETA V for Nepal, the company has informed that a ‘state-of-the-art’ service center is being constructed at Khumaltar, Latitpur and will be operational by the time the EV is delivered to their customers. Hemant Agrawal, the CEO of CG motors states that, this service center will be modern, well-equipped and fully dedicated to NETA V EV and their users, for which they have dispatched a team of experienced skilled technicians who can provide quick and effective service. In an interview with Nepal Auto, Agrawal also disclosed that they are working to expand the dealer network in all six metropolitan cities of the country within the next four months as well as arrange service centers in those showrooms.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that CG motors plans to construct charging stations across the country! The company will begin constructing the charging stations through an updated schedule. Its in their plan of the next four months, the construction for these charging stations will allegedly begin in more than 24 places, that includes the six metropolitan cities and 12 sub-metropolitan cities as well other major cities. Once this has been accomplished, they plan to set up these stations at every 100km of the highway as well. The company wants to bring new revenue not only in sales but also in after sales service and charging stations with the vision to elevate Nepal’s e-market, has already started working for this in a phased manner. Their main objective will be to ultimately provide all the necessary services / facilities to the EV users. 

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