NEA Charging Stations Finally Ready To Set Up

NEA Charging Stations Finally Ready To Set Up

NEA Charging Stations Finally Ready To Set Up


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Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has finally updates on their plan of setting up charging stations in 52 locations all over Nepal, which originally was supposed to be ready for operation in the first half of the year. NEA informed that the equipments for the charging stations have arrived and will soon be set up in different parts of the country. Sagarmi Gyawali, head of NEA’s, ‘Charging Station Infrastructure Development Project’, stated that 26 out of 51 chargers had arrived to be set up for the first phase. He further informed that the transformers required for these charging stations have arrived and are being currently tested for its functionality. The NEA has stated that the connection for the transformers and its service will soon be provided once they finish connecting the chargers, where the timeline for completely setting up 51 charging stations would most likely be within two months. The chargers will start being connected in the respective stations, once the custom clearance has been passed, as they have arrived from abroad. Additionally, the civil infrastructure needed for the connecting the charging stations is reaching its completion phase.

The authority will be connecting charging stations on highways across the country and in bus parks, public lands and other places in major cities. We have covered on NEA’s charging stations in Nepal plans and listed the details in our previous blog. Read here:

These charging stations are estimated to cost around Rs 370 million to be connected. Gyawali further informed that 12 more charging stations will be connected through this project contracted by the Chinese company, Wanbang Digital Energy. The location of the additional 12 charging stations is yet to be decided. After connecting the remaining 12 charging stations, the authority will have built charging station network in a total of 63 places. These charging stations will start fully operating by Dashain season. While the first five years of the stations’ maintenance will remain under the contractor, Wanbang Digital Energy, whereas NEA will operate and manage them.

Payments and charger types available in the NEA’s charging stations have been detailed in our other blog:

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